Fostering the Filipino Spirit

We are providing local expert talents with better career opportunities, whilst fostering the Filipino spirit.

Fostering The Filipino Spirit some of our dynamic staff

Local at Heart

Since DBA started in 2012 in Sydney, our professional services practice has developed and grown exponentially in Australia and the Philippines. In fact, DBA now has four (4) offices in Australia: Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Perth.

DBA Global Shared Services Inc. (DBAG) is the head entity unit of DBA Group’s offshore operations and main trading arm. DBAG is a company incorporated under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines.

The Philippines has a large concentration of business and work opportunities in Manila and Cebu—two (2) of the country’s major business capitals. However, instead of going to Metro Manila, DBA decided to focus on cities and municipalities outside of the metro.

The Central Luzon Region or Region III is strategically located close to Metro Manila. Our decision to expand within the region is part of our mantra to give back to provincial communities. We are not only providing them with better career opportunities but also the chance to stay close to home.

DBA’s Australian-led Philippine-based professionals give our clients the flexibility to reorganise their operations, expand their services and focus on growing their business. Moreover, by having a global perspective and a local heart, we are also fostering the Filipino spirit.

Spirit of Bayanihan

Bayanihan is the Filipino spirit of unity, volunteerism, and cooperation towards achieving a common goal. From the word “bayan,” which is Filipino for country or nation, “bayanihan” means being a nation or being one with the people.

This inherent Filipino trait is an indigenous support mechanism stemming from the centuries-old community tradition of moving an entire house. Traditional Filipino houses called “bahay-kubos” are made from light materials, which can be lifted and moved when a family needs to relocate.

In this modern time, bayanihan manifests during calamities or disasters, when Filipinos come together to provide support to affected families. For DBA, bayanihan exists in our commitment to provide equal employment opportunities for every Filipino.

We focused on tapping the talent resources of provinces and offering remunerative careers to professionals outside of Metro Manila. In doing so, we are not only empowering communities but also keeping families together.

DBA believes that we have a shared responsibility to help our communities thrive and to promote nation-building. By fostering the Filipino spirit of bayanihan, we can lift and move Filipinos towards a better life.

Choose the Philippines

Ideal Business Locations

Subic Bay and Clark are former US Military bases, converted into Special Economic and Freeport Zones. These are premier CBDs outside of Metro Manila, designed for the export of products and services. Moreover, both offer concessional corporate tax rate and tax-free services to business locators like DBA.

High English Proficiency

The EF EPI 2022 ranks the Philippines as the 22nd country with the highest English skills worldwide, and 2nd in Asia. Moreover, Central Luzon is the 10th region in the Philippines with the highest English skills.

Lower Labour Costs

Mercer’s Cost of Living City Ranking 2023 found Manila as inexpensive to live in—ranking 133rd worldwide. Low living expenses means cost of labour is also low in the Philippines as compared to Western countries. Thus, businesses get access to experienced and skilled professionals at a fraction of the cost of their in-house staff.

Western-influenced education

The Philippines is a former colony of Spain and the United States—with both leaving significant impacts on the country’s education system. Moreover, the Filipino culture was greatly influenced by both countries, which includes having a natural penchant for further education and higher learning.

Warm Friendly Nature

Condé Nast Traveler (CNT) Readers’ Choice Award 2022 ranked the Philippines as the 10th Friendliest Country in the World. Having a genuine friendly nature makes the Filipinos the perfect providers of exceptional customer service experience.

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