Why do you need a virtual assistant?

Why do you need a Virtual Assistant?

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant or VA is a professional assistant who provides various administrative and support services for business – remotely.

The rise of the Internet in the early 90s, paved the way for administrative and management professionals to offer online services in the comforts of their home. But it was not until 1997, after American entrepreneur Anastacia Brice started a home-based travel planning and executive assistance business, that the VA profession was officially born.

Why do you need a Virtual Assistant?

Small businesses or startups who are looking to save on costs usually prefer taking on a VA to do their back office or low-value tasks. But nowadays, executives and large businesses planning on scaling or experiencing high volume of work, are also engaging VAs.   

The role of VAs has greatly evolved since its conception. As more professionals and experts choose the convenience of remote work over office jobs, you can now find VAs with specific skillsets.

From the basic administrative and secretarial services to specialised technical and creative assistance – VAs now also provide almost any service for any type of industry. Indeed, the range of services VAs offer has now become almost limitless.

Also, recent innovations in technology and the Internet has allowed VAs to use various software and applications to perform even some core functions of their clients. In addition, better modes of communication, information sharing, and online security has also allowed VAs to do specialised tasks for their clients’ clients

Virtual Assistants are becoming highly in demand as more businesses are looking at the various benefits they can provide, such as:


Delegating repetitive and routine tasks to your dedicated VA can free up your time and take away energy zapping tasks. A VA can also help you become more efficient, as you can focus more on core operations and critical aspects of your business.

Moreover, hiring a VA can free up your valuable time to do what you love and grow your business. You might even be able to come home 30 minutes earlier every day.

Why do you need a Virtual Assistant?
Why do you need a Virtual Assistant?


Since VAs work remotely, you don’t have to spend money on office equipment or additional workspace. 

Hiring a VA also saves you from paying employee benefits, as VAs get their benefits form their outsourcing agent or company. Most importantly, VAs work on a contractual basis, so you can hire one only when you need one.


Most VAs are outsourced from other countries, and the time difference can actually help your business. By engaging a VA, you have the opportunity to be engage with your clients 24/7.

Furthermore, you don’t need to spend time and money to train your VAs, because they already have the skillset you need.

Why do you need a Virtual Assistant?
Why do you need a Virtual Assistant?


Virtual Assistants are experienced professionals and experts in their niche. By leveraging on their skills, you can bridge the skill gap in your team and have an expert do a better job with your tasks or services.

In addition, they can help expand your service offering. They can also optimise and streamline your processes for you, for higher work efficiency and effectiveness.


By delegating not only administrative tasks, but also non-core functions, you can have more time for more income generating tasks. Having a VA can also help your team improve their work performance by having more time to do high-value tasks.

A dedicated VA can do your bookkeeping and research, while managing your social media platforms or updating your website. You can also have your VA schedule your meetings and prepare the necessary documents you need for your presentation. 

Virtual Assistants can also help you with marketing, either through email or by simple graphics for posting on your social media.

Why do you need a Virtual Assistant?

Why hire a DBA Virtual Assistant?

Indeed, VAs have become valuable assets in business, especially for startups and organisations that are planning to expand their capabilities. The many benefits VAs can provide not only helps improve an organisation’s performance, but also ensures more opportunities to increase their client base.

However, the ultimate benefit that you can get from a VA is peace of mind. You’ll be able to sleep better knowing that you have an expert professional working for you. You are also guaranteed of efficient and cost-effective work performance – standard to your brand.

most importantly, having a dedicated VA whom you can trust to assist you in your day-to-day operations is a priceless investment, and who better to invest in than DBA Virtual Assistants.

DBA Virtual Assistants can give you more than the benefits typical VAs provide. As a values-based organisation, we believe in adding value to help you achieve your business goals. 

Our experienced VAs are all equipped with the necessary skills to help you gain the upper hand in whatever industry you are in. Not only do we provide various administrative services we also provide:

  • Marketing Support
  • Sales Support
  • Compliance Support
  • Client Relationship Management (CRM) support and maintenance
  • Virtual back office setup, organisation and administration
  • New account onboarding assistance
  • Document scrubbing, processing, follow-ups and submission
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