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June 27, 2019

The DBA Advantage: Benefits of Outsourcing

Outsourcing dates as far back as the Industrial Revolution. Back in the 1950’s and 1960’s, companies were already outsourcing some of their services to reduce overhead costs. They also outsourced services when they need an expert on a specific part of their business or production process. Even then, companies already recognise the many benefits of outsourcing.

Nowadays, outsourcing has become vital for companies looking to save time and money. This is more evident in companies with plans for expansion already underway. From manufacturing, product development, sales and marketing, and even payroll. More and more companies find it convenient to outsource part of their services.

Advantages of Outsourcing 

This trend has led to the boom in outsourcing firms, and it is expected to grow in the years to come. Already, business, knowledge, and creative process outsourcing firms are being established left and right, with the promise to help businesses grow.

However, despite the growing number of outsourcing firms, some companies are still in the dark about this practice. Some companies are skeptical whether delegating some of their services and tasks can truly be beneficial to them and their clients. To help you decide, we’ve collated some of the benefits of outsourcing:

benefits of outsourcing1

1. You won’t need to hire more employees

You’ll have access to skilled and experienced employees and the option to choose your own dedicated staff or team. Also, you won’t need to go through the hassle of recruitment and interviews anymore. Moreover, you won’t need to provide additional workstations because the outsourcing firm can provide all that for you.

Depending on the extent and complexity of the project or job, you may also choose to outsource projects on a per job, hour, day or month basis. Thus, your labour costs are significantly reduced, since the outsourcing firm will shoulder the costs.

2. You get access to more experts and specialists

Outsourcing firms can search and recruit the experts or specialists you need for the specific project you want done. You will no longer be burdened with looking for the right person for the job. Also, you can avoid compromising on the limited skills of your in-house staff or local talent pool.

Most multi-industry outsourcing firms have invested in getting people for specialized projects or jobs. When you outsource, you can access a larger pool of talents and niche skills of experts. Thus, you can complete your team and increase your business capabilities.

benefits of outsourcing7

3. You can save a lot of money

You not only get to save on labour costs, but also on other operational and overhead costs. Thus, you won’t have to worry about paying for the equipment, utilities, or lease payment for additional office space. All you have to pay for are the specific services rendered.

Outsourcing can help you save on business expenses. You can now divert those extra funds to more pertinent functions and drive your business’ value. Not only is outsourcing cost-effective, it also allows companies and businesses to be cost-efficient.

benefits of outsourcing8

4. You can focus on core aspects of your business

By outsourcing non-core aspects of your business, you can have time to focus on more important tasks to improve and expand your business.

Your in-house team will also be able to perform better. Since they won’t have to deal with smaller tasks and can focus more on their core duties, they can be more efficient and productive.

Indeed, outsourcing can provide a lot of benefits to companies and businesses. In addition, start-ups looking to find ways to take-off quicker in the industry can benefit the most from outsourcing. 

Further, outsourcing can definitely help your business move forward faster at a lesser expense. In addition, it can also help expand your business capabilities and increase your in-house staff’s efficiency.

What does DBA offer?

DBA Global Shared Services, Inc. (DBA) is a multi-industry and multidisciplinary outsourcing company. We provide the right mix of accounting, audit, taxation, facilities management, financial planning, IT and administration, and creative services to propel your business farther.

In addition, our team of skilled professionals can help with your back-office tasks, improve your process flow, and manage your facilities. Our team can also help enhance your online presence through a functional website and social media management.

Benefits of Outsourcing to DBA

We love calling ourselves, “your one-stop outsourcing firm.” We can provide you the right service packages that will most benefit your company at a very reasonable price. Most importantly, we do not believe in hidden charges.

Truly, our wide range of world class capabilities will not only help streamline your business, but also help it expand and gain more ground in the industry.

Nevertheless, like all things good, there are some claims of  disadvantages with outsourcing. However, we at DBA have managed to make these so-called disadvantages to become more benefits of outsourcing:

benefits of outsourcing9

1. Reduced Level of Control

Some argue that outsourcing leads to a reduced control of  services, since you allocate to people whom you cannot personally monitor or manage.

By outsourcing with DBA, you get access to various automated software and applications. You will be able to know which part of the project has already been completed, its submission date, as well as billing and invoicing. All these, you can do anytime and anywhere. 

We are a XERO Gold Partner. XERO is the leading accounting software in the world. Born in the Cloud, XERO features an all automated end-to-end process. You can track the time spent by each staff on a job or a specific part of the project – in real-time. XERO also provides tools to eliminate mistakes and monitor changes in the data, so you are ensured of only accurate reports.

benefits of outsourcing6

2. Communication Problems

Some say that outsourcing to overseas firms leads to miscommunication between clients and staff. Thus, important work instructions often get lost in translation.

DBA is based in the Philippines, and Filipinos are known for our exceptional skills in English. Our people have excellent communication skills and good command of the English language. Thus, it is quite easy for us to exchange instructions and ideas with our clients.

We also believe that clear communication is key for the success of any business transaction.  As such, we have given utmost importance in optimising our communication lines. Through our dedicated Internet lease-line, iGate, we guarantee stable Internet connection. You can discuss with your staff everything that needs to be done, and make critical decisions faster. 

benefits of outsourcing4

3. Issues with Quality

Another issue about outsourcing is the risk of losing quality of work or poor outputs.

We have in-house consultants who guide our people and provide necessary training. Thus, we guarantee delivery of high-standard quality of work. For a more personalised approach, our team can also personally meet with you and train for your desired process flow.

Our team also provides value-added services. Your clients are guaranteed to receive only quality reports and documents, that are compliant with laws and regulations. Thus, you are ensured of better business transactions.

benefits of outsourcing3

4. Extra Time Onboarding

Some experts also complain about the extra time in the onboarding process.

DBA Legal Outsourcing Ltd Pty is an incorporated legal practice regulated by the Legal Profession Uniform Law in New South Wales, Australia. It is also the legal arm of DBA. Our solicitors and lawyers can provide you the necessary contracts and lodge them instantly upon your approval.

We have also developed a simple 7-Step Onboarding Process, which requires minimal time discussing your needs and requirements. Our 7-Step process is guaranteed to get your business to “business as usual” status, fast.

benefits of outsourcing5

5. Security Threats

Since most outsourced projects require client information, one of the biggest worries when outsourcing is data protection.

In order to maintain our clients’ trust, we have ensured the protection and security of their privacy and data. Thus, we do not store client data. Instead, all pertinent data and information is stored in the Cloud. We collaborate with clients and use the software or platform they prefer when doing tasks. 

DBA uses Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s leading Cloud platform, for data storage and security. We have leveraged the various security services AWS provides, to ensure the protection of client information. Our skilled team of IT experts can also monitor data changes. Thus, allowing us to know if a breach in security protocols has occurred.

Further, we are a Certified Microsoft Partner, and use Microsoft SharePoint to transfer files. Thus, we don’t need to use email service providers for sending files. 

We also have strict policies on filtering online content and social media networks. This is to ensure  all client information is safe from any threat.  

benefits of outsourcing2

6. Time Difference

Another issue being raised is the time difference. Since most companies prefer to outsource overseas, the time difference can be a bother. It’s also one of the many points companies consider before deciding to outsource.

We can change the schedule of our people to match your time zone. We can also work with you in a synchronized schedule. Thus, allowing you to deliver service to your clients in a timely manner. 

In fact, we have matched our work hours with the time zone for Australia, where majority of our clients are based. You won’t need to wait before sending us a message or calling your outsourced staff.

All DBA offices also have armed security guards and 24/7 CCTV. Thus, your staff will be safe, whichever time their schedule  might be. 

Enjoy the benefits of outsourcing to DBA

Indeed, outsourcing with DBA can give you a lot of benefits. Undeniably, we can help your business grow and reach the level of success needed to stay ahead in the game.

When you outsource to DBA, you can have more time and money to engage in more profitable ventures and investments. Most importantly, you’ll be able to deliver exceptional quality service to your clients with our competent and capable employees.

The DBA Advantage

On top of these benefits, we guarantee you’ll have the peace of mind you need. By outsourcing to DBA, you can focus on more important functions of your business. Moreover, we guarantee that you’ll never have to experience any disadvantage. 

Our work ethic reflects our core values: integrity, balance, ownership, accountability, empowerment, commitment, and innovation. With these values in practice, you are assured of achieving bigger success in the business industry.

So, what are you waiting for? Get the DBA Advantage now!

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