Outsourcing to the Philippines: Which duties to hand out?

Whenever there is a project that needs to be finished in a short amount of time, business owners are faced with an endless list of tasks to be accomplished. There might be several solutions to this problem, but we can never deny that deadlines are always running ahead of what we expected. Moreover, the limited timeframe presents a challenge that might affect the brand in either the short or long term. Is it time to consider offshoring and what are the advantages of outsourcing to the Philippines?

At its core, you can use outsourcing as an advantage. It can provide you with tons of benefits against your business competitors, such as:


All businesses are striving to achieve peak efficiency. Outsourcing allows you to handpick and build a team of qualified experts equipped with the right tools to do a job for you. Moreover, it frees up your in-house staff to focus on their core tasks. This means that not only are your outsourced tasks done efficiently but your core tasks ask well. 


Outsourcing to the Philippines offers cost-savings as one of their selling points. Mainly because it allows you to tailor the services you employ based on your needs. Compared to permanent in-house staff, outsourced services providers give you the flexibility to downsize or scale up based on the work demand. Moreover, these professionals are equipped with tools that are otherwise costly, especially if you are not going to use them regularly. Moreover, they undergo training and preparations to deliver outputs in a considerably shorter amount of time as opposed to hiring and training new staff.


With the right firm, you can find experts that are trained, certified, and licensed to perform tasks for you. They invest in education and training to guarantee the value they provide to clients. 

Among the advantages of outsourcing to the Philippines are:  you gain access to qualified professionals with great English-speaking skills, you should be able to expect efficiency and quality at a fraction of the cost of doing it in house. And without the struggle of breaking through language barriers. However, using outsourcing as a competitive advantage requires careful planning on your part. You should be able to find an outsourcing partner that will fit your requirements and your business.

The outsourcing services industry in the Philippines has risen as one of the most profit-bearing businesses, especially during COVID-19. Despite the massive economic downturn brought by the pandemic, it has managed to stay afloat. The industry also provided a lifeline to the otherwise sinking economy of the Philippines.

The 3Ps of Outsourcing

Before starting a challenging and possibly time-consuming task, ask yourself, “Am I the best person to do the job?”

Is it worth spending countless hours figuring everything out? Why not outsource it to a professional who has made a career out of it? 

Why do businesses even outsource?

This question might be an easy one, but it requires thorough thinking. To come up with an answer, you have to consider The Three Ps of outsourcing: Passion, Proficiency, Practicality. 


Are you driven to finish the task and produce a spectacular output? While ‘Passion’ isn’t a word that naturally comes up in the corporate world, doing tasks that keep you excited is important. It helps you become more motivated to create an outstanding output for your leaders and clients. Conversely, if you are not passionate about a certain project, perhaps it is better to outsource it to someone who is. 


Have you ever spent countless hours putting your best efforts into a project but still fall behind schedule? Start with accepting that you lack the proficiency to tackle certain projects within a specific timeframe. You can gradually build your expertise by outsourcing tasks and then learning from the outsourced staff. This setup allows you to increase your proficiency without having to sacrifice customer satisfaction in the process.


When you outsource, you are giving tasks to capable people who can finish within the given deadline without compromising the quality of work. By choosing the right company to outsource from, you’ll have the assurance that the quality of work exceeds your expectations and is delivered on time. Thus, enhancing practicality in the long run.

By choosing to outsource, you gain access to an endless number of professionals with different skill sets to complement and leverage the areas in your business that need extra attention.

How to identify which tasks to outsource

Before you start handing over duties to any third party, you must first identify which tasks you can and cannot outsource. This is important since mishandled projects cost time, money, and customer satisfaction.

First, sort the priority level of each task–taking deadlines and estimated work hours needed into account. This way, you can see if you have backlogs and then you can work your way back on track. 

Second, identify the tasks you are proficient at, enjoy doing, and if it is practical to do it yourself. Use charts or any visual aid to pick which job would take up much of your time. Try to categorize it as objectively as you can.

Third, ask yourself if someone else can do a better job than you. If you have a task that other people can do better, the best option is to outsource that job. It is natural to delegate people to tasks that keep the brand working efficiently. When you deal with an unusual audience and with no other choice, you have to rely on the help of the people who are experts in that field.

Why Choose DBA?

Aside from considering the advantages of outsourcing to the Philippines, you need to find a partner that provides services guaranteed to help you save up on costs, have more time, and produce better-quality outputs. 

Here at DBA, we train, certify, and equip our staff with advanced tools to ensure efficiency and quality regardless of the volume of tasks. Moreover, as your outsourcing partner, we are your one-stop shop for all your service needs–virtual assistants, legal specialists, IT staff, expert accountants and auditors, creative services, etc. This means that for every service you employ, you will receive a high-quality output that DBA provides. We also offer Service packages/plans that are tailored to your needs.

In this competitive market, you need to step up your game to thrive. One wrong move or delayed step can hinder your success. Consider having partners that could open more opportunities for you by helping to supplement your weaknesses, increase your capabilities, and complement your strengths. Choose DBA.



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