How can your business survive beyond COVID-19

how to survive beyond COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic not only brought a global human crisis, but also major disruptions on the global economy. Businesses all over the world had to face the same challenges. First, they had to keep their people safe, and then, create strategies on how to survive beyond COVID-19.

What has been happening?

One by one, countries all over the world have ordered nationwide lockdowns to stop the spread of the virus. As a result, millions of people are now staying at home. Moreover, thousands of small- and medium-sized businesses have been shuttered, and millions people are without jobs.

Some of the most hard-hit businesses are the hospitality, aviation and travel industries. Governments have restricted air travel to stop the spread of the virus. A lot of hotels have ceased operations due to lack of guests, with some even sending refunds for cancelled reservations.

However, amid the chaos, there are some industries that continue to thrive like restaurants, grocery stores, and fitness centres.

Restaurants and fast food chains have now shifted to offering only take-out and contact-less delivery services. Some fast food chains are also selling their processed and marinated foods, so their customers can enjoy their favorite fast food meals at home.

Grocery stores have also started offering delivery services through partner apps. Hence, people won’t need to go out to buy food and supplies anymore.

Some fitness centres have also redefined their services by offering online training classes. Instructors utilised video conferencing for their fitness classes.

how to survive beyond COVID-19

Why are these businesses thriving?

how to survive beyond COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing businesses to become more agile and resilient. According to experts, investing in a digital transformation strategy is the best solution, moving forward.

While some businesses sat back to strategise, PizzahutPlanet Fitness, and Amazon, were able to continue their services. How? By redefining their current position in the market.

These businesses were able to improve their operations to guarantee the safety of their employees and customers. In addition, they invested in new technologies to adapt to the changing economic climate. Hence, they were not only able to strengthen their position, but also re-positioned their brand to survive beyond COVID-19.

How to survive beyond COVID-19?

Recently, experts saw a rise in four trends:

Mass adoption of telecommuting strategies

Because of COVID-19, most businesses have imposed or shifted to a work from home arrangement. Companies are also using online collaboration platforms and messaging services to monitor the productivity of employees working remotely.

DBA is a Microsoft Partner Solutions provider. Hence, we have been using various Microsoft products, technologies, and solutions in our day-to-day operations. They also offer various communication tools that our team members utilise to communicate with our clients.

On-demand delivery of food and services

Restaurants, fast-food chains, and grocery stores took advantage of the on-demand economy. Hence, they were able to use various applications to continue providing services through take out or delivery.

While other companies were struggling to adapt a work from home arrangement, we at DBA were business as usual. We already have the tools and applications that we need for a secure and effective work from home set up. Hence, we were able to adapt quickly and continue delivering standard and quality services to our clients.

how to survive beyond COVID-19
how to survive beyond COVID-19

Rise of virtual events

Because of COVID-19 people can only go out to buy groceries, food or medicine. Hence, the tourism industry has capitalised on online virtual tours and events. Some museums even offer a virtual tour of their collections, so people stuck at home can still learn about history and art.

We are an outsourcing services provider, and have been using virtual meetings to communicate with our clients and team members. Moreover, we have four offices located in different regions. Thus, virtual meetings allow us to update our team members from other offices on legislative and compliance requirements. In addition, we conduct some of our training virtually.

Communication and sharing through the cloud

Businesses using cloud technology were able to redefine their position in the market more rapidly than others. Because of the cloud, businesses are able to access information faster. Hence, there is better collaboration and information sharing between team members and clients – in real-time.

We use Microsoft Office 365 cloud services to share files and documents, and collaborate among team members. Moreover, through cloud services, clients are able to continue monitoring the productivity and performance of their dedicated staff. The cloud also offers additional data security, to prevent any information breach even while our staff are working from home.

How can we help you survive?

Through the dedication of our people, we were able to maintain our position in the market. Also, we have access to advance software and technology, as well as various tools and applications. All these provided us the agility and resilience to continue providing services to our clients.

When you outsource to DBA, you will have access to expert professionals. Also, our staff have the necessary skills to help you continue business as usual, even while working remotely.

Each of our staff can fulfill not only back-office tasks, but also high value work. Our staff members are also up to date on new compliance and legislative requirements brought about by COVID-19.

Furthermore, our IT and Admin division configured all work computers before delivering them to each of our team members’ homes. We also provided our people knowledge on basic security protocols, so they can avoid cyberattacks and online scams.

Moreover, we have various security measures in place to guarantee that your clients’ data and information are safe and secured.

how to survive beyond COVID-19

Now, more than ever, businesses will need an outsourcing strategy to help mitigate loses and continue business as usual. Outsourcing will not only allow you to continue operations at a lower cost, but also help you pivot your operations. Ultimately, we can help you position your business in the ‘new’ market after COVID-19.

Together, we can survive beyond COVID-19.

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