How to provide memorable financial planning services

“Don’t have just ‘good’ service, have ‘memorable’ service.”

Give your clients the kind of service they will never forget by outsourcing your paraplanning and admin tasks to our expert paraplanners and administrators. Our team is equipped with the necessary training and skills to efficiently and cost-effectively help you provide memorable financial planning services.

As a trusted financial adviser, you need to maintain a good relationship with your clients. This is for you to have better communication about the best financial planning options they have based on their goals and needs.  You must also spend time looking after your clients to provide them better advice, as you guide them along their financial journey. In turn, they can make better decisions about their finances and have a clearer picture of where they want to be in the future.

However, how will you be able to do it? How will you make the time to meet with your clients and build a better relationship with them while juggling your back office and admin tasks?

DBA Financial Planning Division

When you leverage the expertise of our Financial Planning Division, you can have more time to spend with your clients and opportunities to expand your client base. Our team can complete not only the back-office work in financial planning preparation, but also client administration, paraplanning, and compliance tasks.

Majority of our team members hold RG 146 certification. This means we have in-depth knowledge of the different legislative, technical, and compliance requirements in financial planning. Also, our in-house Australian consultant with 14 years of industry experience, regularly conducts staff mentoring and training. Thus, our team is always up to date on changes to compliance requirements.

We can tailor our process based on your requirements and maintain the same high standard of work of your in-house staff. Our team can also meet and train with you, to better understand your process and requirements, and ensure that our services are standard to your firm’s branding.

Our commitment to provide our adviser clients quality financial planning support services is what drives us to provide the following value-added services:

memorable financial planning services

Reduced turnaround time in SoA production and Administration

Our extensive knowledge of financial advice systems allows us to streamline your processes for SoA Production. Completion time for a Statement of Advice (SOA) depends on the type, complexity, and additional requirements.  

By streamlining the SoA production, we can complete a Simple SoA in 8–10 hours and a Complex SoA in 25–30 hours. On the other hand, we can complete three (3) Records of Advice (ROAs) in one day.

We can also systemise your entire process – from the simplest templates to complex documents and workflow. Thus, ensuring your clients receive advice in a timely manner and make important financial decisions faster.

Increased efficiencies via tailored systems and processes

We can tailor the systems and process we need to increase efficiency and productivity depending on which service you require. Our team can also spend time with you to better understand your requirements and know how to tailor our services to meet your needs.

In addition, we understand the need to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the financial planning industry. Which is why we have equipped our team the necessary skills and techniques to operate the most advanced financial planning software available. Thus, you can expect better, accurate, and more timely delivery of service.

memorable financial planning services
memorable financial planning services

Dedicated staff of certified and trained paraplanners and administrators

Since majority of our team members hold RG 146 certification, we guarantee that all your back-office job, client administration, paraplanning, and compliance tasks will be completed in the highest of standard. By leveraging the expertise of our team, you can save up to 80% of the cost of your in-house staff.

In addition, we can train in your office to ensure that we are in complete sync with your preferred process. Thus, we guarantee that the workpapers and reports we produce are standard to your firms’ branding.

On the ground staff mentoring and training by an Australian consultant

Our in-house Australian consultant has 14 years of industry experience. His in-depth knowledge of compliance requirements and strong relationships with product and advice managers, help keep our team updated on changes in industry laws.

Aside from mentoring our team, our in-house consultant also provides expert recommendations and suggestions for changes to the advice in order to benefit your client

memorable financial planning services

Setting the standard in quality financial services

Our team of certified paraplanners can help you across the entire financial planning process. Not only can we produce SoAs and RoAs in a timely manner, we are also proficient in using various advice software. Thus, we specialise in producing modelling projections, and product comparison scenarios for investment and superannuation products, and risk analysis. We also conduct investment research and portfolio modeling, and SoA Wizard and Statement of Advice Templates.

On the other hand, our experienced admin team can produce various client reports, perform portfolio rebalancing, and a wide range of Pre- and Post- SoA admin tasks. From data entry to strategy implementation, our dedicated team of admin staff can help in further improving the SoA process to ensure faster turnaround times and more accurate advice.

Give your clients the memorable service they deserve

According to a study entitled, “How Financial Planners Actually Do Financial Planning,” outsourcing some of the financial planning tasks can give you up to 4hours more on prospects and clients. Further, industry expert Michael Kitces stressed that leveraging the skills and experience of paraplanners can help increase your client base by up to 64% and your revenue by up to 80%.

Indeed, the suite of services our Financial Planning Division offers can help you provide a more ‘memorable’ service to your clients – at a lower cost. Most importantly, when you outsource part of your financial planning services and tasks to our team, you get to spend more time for client-facing activities. Thus, you can have more opportunities to meet with your prospects and grow your client base, and increase your revenue.

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