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January 16, 2019


On a recent trip to Singapore I indulged myself with one of life’s little luxuries and bought a book. Yes, a book with pages and a cover. An old fashioned book.

I was drawn to the 25th anniversary of Stephen Coveys 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. This was a great book in its day and one that had a huge influence on me during a turbulent period in my life.

When I picked it up it seemed to have a stronger magnet than the many tempting novels or fascinating biographies. Somehow this book was talking to me. Would I read it cover to cover like a novel or would I select little gems? It pulled me in and I have to read it all…..again.

It is amazing how much we learn and how much we forget. I was feeling good. It had been a successful business trip to Singapore. But so often when a few minutes to reflect emerge those thorny questions arise. What am I doing? Why am I here? What is my purpose?

Within a few short minutes I was reminded of principles and deep seated values. As a human I am as flawed as the next person. But deep within me is the belief that I can be a better person and that with the right guiding principles I can be the best person that I can truly be.

I feel that this is so important now. I also believe that there are millions of people like me. I guess it is one of the reasons I joined Rotary. We live in such a noisy world that common sense can easily be drowned out. We live in a world where we hope that decent people would provide the strong leadership the world needs.

I am just a small businessman but I believe passionately that we can all make small positive changes and collectively we can make huge changes for the better.

So within a few minutes I am remembering stuff that I didn’t forget but perhaps it was drowned out. One quote that struck me from page 30 “Into the hands of every individual is given a marvellous power for good or evil-the silent ,unconscious,unseen influence of his life. This is simply the constant radiation of what man really is, not what he pretends to be.”

I am so happy to be reconnected with this book. My own life journey has been based on a number of core principles for many years now. My own life has had successes and failures,pain,loss and much more. But I learned a long time ago to take responsibility for my actions,to not blame others, to pick yourself up after a setback and to persevere.

Five years ago I started a new chapter in my life and with my business partner Darlow Parazo set out to build a principles and values based business. As the months and years go by I look with enormous pride at what we have built and the way we have been able to build from strong core values.

RIP Stephen Covey. A man who has had an enduring legacy and been an incredible positive change agent.

Meanwhile….back to the book. I am torn between a desire to speed read and devour this tome and to slowly chew each paragraph. The book is deep and I hope I have the self discipline to chew on each page a hundred times!

More to come.

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