Borderless Global Business Services

We are professional services innovators—providing borderless global business solutions to help our clients evolve and thrive.


Partners and Networks

We bridge Cultures, Knowledge and Experience

Our team of multidisciplinary professionals brings their experience and expertise together to provide a wide range of multi-industry processes. We work seamlessly in the background—delivering the right mix of consulting, accounting, taxation, legal, financial planning, facilities management, technology, and creative services.

We Act Locally and
Think Globally

Our commitment to capability building, upskilling and reskilling ensures our people adapt rapidly to critical roles and operational challenges. Moreover, the continued training of our people enables us to maximise the true potential of our organisation in the global market. 

We are The Firm of The Future



DBA is an organisation built on strong core values, talented people and advanced technology. The services we offer to our clients worldwide encompass business, knowledge and creative process outsourcing.  

Our liberal use of innovative technology-driven processes, position us at the forefront of the professional services industry. We also customise our processes towards local needs and transplant best practices acquired from one country to another.

Thus, enabling us to deliver scalable long-term borderless global business services to increase profitability, whilst creating more value for our clients.

Borderless Global Business Solutions
Borderless Global Business Solutions

See the positive and focus on the potential


Analyse challenges and find innovative solutions


Rapidly adapt to change and go beyond

Take it to the next level

Evolve Your Business
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Sustainable Transformation
Leverage our team of multidisciplinary professionals who are equipped with an extensive knowledge of innovative
technology-driven processes.
Smart Staffing

Build your own team of agile and resilient offshore staff who have the necessary training, skills and competencies to drive efficiency and value. 

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